Medical Collections

Our collection procedures follow a multi-step process that allows for the most effective collection of payment.

Starting with Placement, all accounts will be entered into our system and the initial collection notice sent within 48 hours of receipt.

Follow-up takes place 30 days after the first notice is sent, as directed by the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, and second letter is sent. After 30 days, the collector will receive the account for telephone contact.

With Collector Activity, we attempt to obtain all information needed to collect accounts on the first contact using a ten-step process. We utilize all available telephone numbers such as residence, employment, relative, etc. to reach the debtor.

A reminder notice is sent on every Promised Payment ten days before the payment is due. Accounts are placed in the collector's files to be called if the payment is not received by the due date. Our Pay-Data Center is used for debtors who wish G. L. A. COLLECTION COMPANY, INCORPORATED to deduct payments from their Credit Card or Check by Phone every month.

On Accounts Where No Telephone Number is Available and we have exhausted all efforts to locate a telephone number, we place them with a clerical supervisor who sends a series of letters. The supervisor then determines if a request for suit authorization should be sent to the client or if the account should be closed.

When a collector feels Legal Action should be taken on an account, the collector requests our Legal Department review the account. If the Legal Department determines that legal action is appropriate, the client is sent a Request for Authorization for Suit to be signed.

Qwik Dial, a state of the art Integrated Voice Recognition System, makes collecting accounts receivables easy for both the agency and the individual who owes you money. Qwik Dial provides information about overdue accounts by calling and verifying the guarantor, then allowing the debtor to privately learn more about their overdue account. The individual is then given options which range from promising payment to talking with a customer service representative about the account. Qwik Dial allows us to efficiently contact virtually thousands of debtors daily in a professional and successful manner.

Credit Reporting; All accounts over a minimum amount are reported to Experian, Trans-Union, and CSC Credit Bureaus if they remain unpaid after the 60 days from the date of turnover.

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