GLA Company Workshops

We know how difficult managing A/R in a busy medical setting can be. In an effort to help our clients from the beginning, we offer several in-house seminars that provide information that can make things easier later in the process.

Collections Begin at Registration
We talk to the staff about how important it is to gather the right info at registration and how to handle the patient.

What Your Accounts Receivable Really Cost You
We take a look at the cost of managing you're A/R, cost include mailings, phone calls, skip-tracing, and re-filing insurance.

Successful Steps in Phone Collecting
We take a look at what information you need for making a collection call and how to handle that call.

Healthcare Collections 101: The ABC'S of Collection Policies & Procedures
In this workshop, we will examine various techniques and procedures to help your staff develop a successful collection approach. We will look in detail at the specific strategies used to turn your accounts receivable into dollars.

Point of Service Collection Policies
Only 25% of medical offices have policies in place to collect at the time of service. This workshop will look at solutions for setting up point of service collection polices. We will identify problem areas in the billing process, as well as specify strategies that will give clarity to your employees dealing with patients.

If you would like more information about our workshops, please contact us.